Waterproofing in Cape Town

Coastal Painting and Waterproofing – we are specialists at waterproofing, and offer waterproofing and damp proofing solutions for all types of surfaces and areas. These include below-ground structures, internal and external areas, wet areas like bathrooms, decks, balconies, terraces and roofs.
Our success in waterproofing is due to experience and an excellent product knowledge. In buildings, structures, walls, pipes and showers, we identify the source of drips, damp and leaks with the use of technology, and apply the appropriate membranes and coatings to solve the problem with long lasting results.
We also assist developers and builders with waterproofing during the building process to avoid waterproofing and damp problems in the future.
When choosing an appropriate waterproofing system, we take into account factors such as the need for UV resistance, elongation or ability to stretch, breathability, tear and abrasion resistance, chemical stability in the intended environment, food safety (especially in water tanks) and the shape of the area to be waterproofed. This ensures we provide the perfect solution every time to keep things dry!



This specialised system protects surfaces such as flat concrete roofs, foundation and retaining walls, flashings, parapet walls, expansion joints, corrugated and IBR roof laps and roofing screws. Please click here for more details about torch-on waterproofing.


Waterproofing membrane systems provides toughness combined with flexibility. These systems are typically used to waterproof or damp-proof bridges, forecourts, parking and shopping mall decks, and tunnels.


Waterproofing in Cape Town may be challenging! For a seamless waterproofing system, we apply a waterproofing acrylic that is usually reinforced with an acrylic membrane. This system is ideal for all types of flashings, the tops of parapet walls and to waterproof corrugated iron and IBR roofs, as it has excellent weathering properties, is tough and flexible and has excellent adhesion.


These systems are ideal for waterproofing reinforced concrete structures, thanks to their flexibility, crack-bridging and excellent adhesion, even to wet concrete. We apply the appropriate cementitious system to suit the surface or area for a long-lasting, effective waterproofing solution.
Cementitious waterproofing systems can be applied in basements, below-grade concrete structures, bridges, dams, decks under ceramic tiles, elevator and escalator pits, foundations, parking structures and parking lots, retaining walls and brick walls, swimming pools, water and sewage treatment plants and water reservoirs. Contact us for waterproofing in Cape Town.


For your peace of mind, we can check that water is not seeping through your building, roof, walls, shower, swimming pool or fountain by conducting a flood test. This simple yet effective method can detect potential leaks and test waterproofing integrity, especially when it is not practical to use Electronic Leak Detection (ELD). With the use of washable fluorescent dyes, we can trace the source of a leak and then fix it.
All our work is guaranteed – so you have peace of mind!