8 Reasons to invest in Eco Roof Insulation

15.03.23 04:37 PM By Coastal Painting & Waterproofing
Insulating your roof creates a barrier for heat gain and loss. It thus prevents temperatures from going through the roof – literally.
From all the roof insulation materials on the market, we believe that PET (polyethene terephthalate) is an excellent option for numerous reasons, as listed below.

Effective temperature regulation

Polyester fibres have superb temperature-regulating properties. Also, polyester batts are thermally bonded, preventing deterioration over time. Therefore, the effectiveness of the insulation will be long-lasting. In short: your winters will be warmer and summers cooler inside the house.

Power savings

In a country amid an energy crisis, it makes sense to install effective insulation to render the heater and aircon unnecessary. PET insulation will significantly reduce a home’s electricity needs.


PET insulation cuts costs in many ways. First off, reducing electrical heating and cooling saves money in return. Secondly, polyester fibres are resistant to moist buildup – restricting moisture damage, which is costly to fix. Moreover, as mentioned above, this material is robust. This means you will not need to replace your insulation as often as with certain other materials – again, saving costs. In the end, PET insulation will pay for itself. See it as an investment.

Fire safety

This eco-insulation is non-flammable. In case of fire, it will melt rather than ignite, making it a wise safety choice.

Health benefits

Polyester insulation is toxin-free, hypoallergenic, dustless, and not susceptible to mould or mildew. Also, it does not release any foul odours. It will thus protect the health of your household members, especially if anyone suffers from dust allergies, hay fever, asthma or similar conditions.

Works with downlights

PET has no loose fibres as opposed to certain other forms of roof insulation. One can therefore use it without complications in ceilings with downlights.

Acoustic improvement

Polyester insulation reduces noise from the outside, creating a more peaceful environment on the inside.

Environmentally friendly

PET is one of the most eco-friendly roof insulation options on the market. It is made from 85% recycled waste (such as plastic bottles) and is fully recyclable after use. Moreover, it protects scarce resources by cutting back households’ electricity usage.

Are you convinced to give your home and household members the best insulation treatment? Our experienced team at Coastal Waterproofing & Painting can install our eco roof insulation during the building process or in established buildings. Call us for more information!