Areas in your house to target for waterproofing

19.10.22 11:24 PM By Coastal Painting & Waterproofing
Water damage is a real wet blanket for property owners. Fortunately, it is a problem that can be prevented. ​Waterproofing is a vital part of building and maintenance to increase the durability of a structure and protect its contents.

When waterproofing, areas most exposed to dampness are, for self-explanatory reasons, the ones in need of specific attention.
These areas include:


A roof is a top priority (no pun intended) when waterproofing. Roofs are heavily exposed to wet weather conditions, wind and UV rays. They need to be sealed well to protect the building from leakage and consequential damage. You do not want your household members to start singing Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head like they mean it…


Bathrooms are daily exposed to water, and therefore, crucial to waterproof properly and extensively. Walls, floors, ceilings and even the grout between tiles need to be sealed against moisture. The surface behind the shower should be a particular focus area.

Balconies, terraces and decks

Outdoor areas come into direct contact with rain, frost, snow and wind. Damage from UV rays weakens them even further. Thus, any structures laid bare for the elements to assault ought to be expertly waterproofed.

Exterior walls

Although exterior walls are stronger and more durable than interior ones, they are directly affected by rain and other harmful weather conditions. To avoid deterioration and leakage into the house, waterproof paint or other solutions should be utilised on outside walls.


Water plays a big role in the kitchen; thus, this room also needs special waterproofing consideration. Sealing joints and treating surfaces (e.g. countertops, cabinets and backsplashes around the stove and sink) are often the focus of kitchen waterproofing to prevent seepage, water collection inside cabinets, rust, mould and decay. The space under the sink is notoriously affected by moisture damage. Dampness in the kitchen could also cause aesthetic headaches like wall cracks, paint chipping off and swollen cabinets.


A building’s foundation is vulnerable to groundwater leakage and flooding, which can damage the rest of the building and cause mould – a pesky health hazard – to accumulate.


Like the foundation, a basement is closer to the ground than the rest of the house and, therefore, susceptible to flooding. It is imperative to seal this area against moisture to keep the integrity of the whole building intact, prevent mould and protect any items stored there.

Swimming pools

It should go without saying that an entity filled with water needs waterproofing. But if you were wondering: yes, for the best results, please properly waterproof your swimming pool!

In the end, it all boils down to buckets. To avoid catching water leaks in buckets, paying bucketloads for repairs, and weeping buckets over all the damages, just put the above-mentioned areas on your waterproofing bucket list. Our team at Coastal Waterproofing and Painting will make sure the buckets of waterproofing solutions are on their way.