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Winter Waterproofing | Protect Your Cape Town Property Before The Rainy Season Strikes
In the Cape of Storms, the approach of the stormy season brings the essential task of preparing your property to withstand the challenges of wet weather.
14.02.24 03:12 PM - Comment(s)
Refresh Your Home for 2024: Top Painting Trends
Start 2024 with a fresh coat of paint to set the right tone for a beautiful year ahead!
23.01.24 11:45 AM - Comment(s)
Paint The Town Green | Eco-Friendly Painting Solutions for Capetonians 
With environmentally-conscious painting products, you can care for the Earth while caring for your building.
24.11.23 03:07 PM - Comment(s)
The Psychology of Colour | Interior Painting to Create the Right Mood
Interior colours play a crucial role in shaping the atmosphere and mood of a space. Specific colours evoke different psychological responses and can influence behaviour. This means that the colour you paint a room will affect how you feel and act in this space, making it an important decision.
19.10.23 12:53 PM - Comment(s)
Preserving Historical Charm: Waterproofing and Painting for Heritage 
South Africa is a country rich in history, boasting a diverse cultural heritage reflected in its architecture. From Victorian-era homes to colonial-era structures and indigenous architectural wonders, the nation's built environment is a testament to its past. However, with age comes the need for pre...
28.09.23 03:22 PM - Comment(s)
Protecting Your Investment: The Importance of Waterproofing in Commercial Buildings
Waterproofing is not merely an optional add-on – it's a vital investment in the longevity, appearance, and overall value of commercial buildings.
28.08.23 04:40 PM - Comment(s)
The brush of brilliance: How professional painting can transform your business
Professional painting is a transformative tool that can revamp your business, enhance brand image, attract customers, and create a positive working atmosphere.
31.07.23 12:17 PM - Comment(s)
Condensation versus waterproofing: What are the differences?
Condensation and faulty waterproofing can both have a watery impact on your home; knowing the difference is key in managing these problems.
27.06.23 03:47 PM - Comment(s)
What colour should I paint my home's exterior?
Everyone wants their home to pass the style test with flying colours. Here’s how.
8 Reasons to invest in Eco Roof Insulation
Your roof is a significant regulator of your building’s temperature. Therefore, roof insulation is a must – and eco-friendly PET technology is your best choice.
My roof leaks – what now?! Follow the 6 C's.
Water is life – except when it floods your house from above! Roof leaks are a common problem, needing swift and professional intervention to protect your building, possessions and family.
5 Pros of hiring the pros to paint your house
Painting your own house might sound like a good idea – one that could save money and even be fun. This may be the case for a handful of people with sufficient experience and goods. However, most of us must think carefully before signing up for this venture.

There are ample reasons why hiring professi...
Viapol for Waterproofing: The top choice in torch-on technology
Coastal Waterproofing and Painting prides itself on using only top-quality products from reliable suppliers. One such product that we are particularly proud of is Viapol Extraflex Polyester from Protech Building Products.
Duraflex Liquid Rubber: The best waterproofing product to use
Coastal Painting and Waterproofing’s team only uses proven quality waterproofing products. Our advised sealer is Duraflex Liquid Rubber.
Areas in your house to target for waterproofing
Waterproofing is frequently neglected because water damage is mostly not immediately visible (although it could be in the case of flooding or heavy rains). Often, moisture slowly harms buildings – drop by drop over time.